How to Find Cheap Tickets

Many of you wonder how a NomAxdic is able to travel so often.

Well, I have the answer for you! Google Flights.

It is the best tool for finding cheap tickets across the whole world!


  • Search in advance (60-90 days International flights & 30-45 days Domestic Flights)

  • Sunday and Tuesday are usually the best promotional days

  • Search by continent or country (i.e. NYC to Europe)

  • Customize your search by using the advanced filters


  • Risk getting last minute deals (you will get frustrated!)

  • Search only roundtrips. It is most likely that you will find a cheaper roundtrip by booking one-way flights.

  • Compare too many flight comparing sites, as these are often the same. But, once you have found the best price, book directly with the airlines as this will avoid paying hidden fees.

  • Hesitate to get the tickets if the resulting price is highlighted in green. Trust Google!


Let me know what tips & tricks you currently use.

Happy Travels! Enjoy yourself! Become NomAxdic!

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